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Kinova MICO

Kinova is a Canadian company engaged into the design and manufacture of innovative solutions in the field of personal robotics. The team of experts at Kinova is dedicated to offer practical robotic platforms solving real and concrete problematic of daily life, especially in rehabilitation.

In our laboratory we have MICO as shown in the video. This robotic arm is ideally suited for research in our laboratory . As a demonstrative example, we have included a simple demo.



The hand consists of four identical fingers, one of which is equipped with an additional drive, that functions as an opposing “thumb”. In order to correspond to the human motor functions, each finger is made up of four joints. For the Where and How, sensors at the fingers provide the force and positioning data for each joint, among others. The perfect integration of all drives including electronics in fingers and palm enables the mounting to any robot arm.


The technology alone does not make a hand. For use in the daily environment, specific demands are made on the enclosure. Protective cover for the cable routing, slip resistant gripper surfaces as well as appealing optics to prevent the fear of touch are only some of the requirements that this hand meets. Technology

The hand has four fingers with four joints and three actuators each. The thumb has an extra degree of freedom for fine manipulation and power grasping. The actuators are commercial brushless DC motors with analog Hall sensors. All the motors are integrated in the fingers and in the palm, respectively. Each joint is equipped with a contactless magnetic joint angle sensor and a strain-gauge based joint torque sensor.

Demo Video