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Haptics is the study of touch. It is fundamental to our research as it is a center piece in improving Human-Robot and Human-Human interaction. 


Grasping is one of the most fundamental and sophisticated human task. We use state of the art robotic hands and in-home innovations to push the limits of  grasping. we develop algorithms to make grasping possible over many varieties and type of robotic equipment in challenging scenarios

Medical Robotics

We use our expertise in Haptics, Grasping and Vision to make medical procedure more efficient and safer. We are continuously in search of innovating in medicine by introducing robots where they can assist and aid the Medical staff. 

Computer Vision for Robotics

Dealing with humans require robots to understand and see like humans. This is fundamental in Human-Robot interaction. We use this skill set to make robots that can assist able bodied and disabled personnel in a wide range of tasks.

Wearable Robotics

Going wearable is the ultimate step for a technology that has made in-roads into general human life. Robotics is undergoing such a transition as well. Although this robotic revolution is still in its infancy. SIRSLab is heavily committed to research in this untapped area of robotics that can change the way humans interact with robots and engage them in day to day tasks.


Aerial Manipulation

The boundary between quarotor and grasping is an interesting area. This opens the door for a lot of oppurtunities. SIRSLab is trying to explore this overlapping of these two areas to solve interesting engineering problems.