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An Object-based Mapping Algorithm to Control Wearable Robotic Extra-Fingers   



Contact forces evoked by transcranial magnetic stimulation of the motor cortex in a multi-finger grasp



Grasping - Handbook of Robotics



HANDSDVI_A DeVice Independent programming and control framework for robotic HANDS





Mapping Synergies from Human to Robotic Hands with Dissimilar Kinematics an Approach in the Object Domain



On Motion and Force Controllability of Precision Grasps with Hands Actuated by Soft Synergies



On the role of hand synergies in the optimal choice of grasping forces



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The Sixth-Finger a Modular ExtraFinger to Enhance Human Hand Capabilities



Using Postural Synergies to Animate a Low-dimensional Hand Avatar in Haptic Simulation