• Emerging paradigms for robotic manipulation:
    from the lab to the productive world

    Virtual Workshop
    May 31 or June 5, 2021
    ICRA 2021



Small and medium enterprises are increasingly adopting collaborative robots to gain a competitive edge in global markets, and a growing number of companies are producing and using service robots. In these scenarios, robotic systems must be able to grasp and manipulate a variety of tools, and interact with fast changing or even unstructured environments involving human users or co-workers. These real-world applications require innovative grasping and manipulation paradigms that are robust to uncertain environments. Solutions dealing with this challenge are currently active areas of research in robotics, and include soft manipulation, data-driven grasp planning, and human-robot collaborative manipulation. This workshop will bring together research experts as well as representatives of companies to discuss how new approaches in the field can efficiently be transferred from the research labs to the productive world.


Virginia Ruiz Garate
University of the West of England, Bristol

Maria Pozzi
University of Siena

Maximo Roa
German Aerospace Center


  • New design paradigms for robotic hands (e.g., soft hands, electrostatic grippers, suction cups)
  • New control paradigms for robotic grasping and manipulation (e.g., stiffness control, reflex control)
  • Dexterous grasping
  • Active perception
  • AI applied to robotic grasping and manipulation
  • Technology transfer from research labs to industry
  • Incorporating new paradigms into existing companies: do we need to restructure the working place for the new systems?
  • Robot-human handling problem: achieving natural behaviors
  • Human-robot co-manipulation: going further than the classical transport problem
  • Program

    Under construction


    All speakers confirmed their participation in the workshop.

  • Kensuke Harada (Osaka University)
  • Jeannette Bohg (Stanford University, tentative title: “Interactive Perception from the lab to industry”
  • Oliver Brock (TU Berlin, tentative title: “Advances in Soft Manipulation”
  • Juxi Leitner (LYRO Robotics, tentative title: “Getting a grip of manipulation in the real world”)
  • Uwe Zimmermann (KUKA AG, tentative title: “Mobile manipulation: chances and challenges”)
  • Beatriz Leon (Shadow Robot Company, tentative title: “Real-world challenges on grasping and manipulation using a dexterous robot hand”)
  • Henrik Christensen (UC San Diego, tentative title: “A perspective on key challenges in manipulation for the next decade”)
  • David Bisset (iTechnic/euRobotics, tentative title: “Challenges for Robotics: the path to 2030”)
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    Call for posters

    The poster session at this workshop will give the opportunity to researchers to discuss their latest results and ongoing research activities with the community. The 3-5 min presentation of each poster will be followed by a Q&A session with questions from the audience. The poster can present already published research.

    Abstract Submission

    To participate, please submit by May 1st, 2021 (AoE) a poster/demo title and an extended abstract (max 2 pages) in PDF format (IEEE conference regular paper template) via email to all the organizers:
  • Virginia Ruiz Garate (Virginia.RuizGarate@uwe.ac.uk)
  • Maria Pozzi (maria.pozzi@unisi.it)
  • Máximo A. Roa (maximo.roa@dlr.de)
  • All contributions will undergo a review by the organizers, and the authors will be notified of acceptance within 2-3 days from the submission date.

    Poster Award

    Workshop organizers and speakers will be asked to vote for the best presented poster along the day.

    Instructions for poster presenters

  • Upon acceptance of their work, poster presenters will be informed about the presentation modalities.
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